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8/7/2016 7:37:41 AMrencontre sur puy guillaume We all know that DH 
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is where vile, loathsome creatures come to troll. Why do you come here and post among them?

Why block them? You already know this is where the worst of the worst have descended. How

can you be here and be angry at trolls being trolls in their own home? If you want to meet

nice people, why not go to one of the many of hundreds... scratch that... THOUSANDS of

sites where troll behavior is not tolerated and dealt with swiftly?

What? You have friends here? Okay fine, but DH is an umoderated cesspool of

trolls. If your friends choose to be here, and not move to another place, perhaps you

should ask yourself, how well you really know them and are they really worthy of the title


If you are here, posting daily, whether you choose to believe it or not, something is Very

off with you. You can point and pick at and name call others but none of that changes the

fact that you are just as twisted. Worse, perhaps, because of your glaring lack of self

acknowledgement of it and/or your insecure double standard. You're a DHer. You're a troll.

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8/7/2016 8:08:56 AMclub de marche rencontre We all know that DH 

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Oh and deleted.

8/7/2016 8:33:41 AMhitler rencontre nicolas anelka We all know that DH 

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Well this should be an easy thread to hijack

Good by OPie don't forget to ask admin for a refund

goomby hasta la vista, dosvedanya, auf wiedersehen & sayonara

8/7/2016 8:35:13 AMrencontre superrencontre We all know that DH 
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So, this is how you admit to being a troll?

8/7/2016 8:49:10 AMrencontre marcheprime We all know that DH 

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lol we don't live in a perfect world? how can that be?

everybody I've ever met that was "normal" was far from it.
the ones that seem to tell you that they're down to earth and normal are the craziest ones of them all.

8/7/2016 8:53:53 AMcomment rencontrer fatal bazooka We all know that DH 

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If Only,

we could find nice girls who are willing to fornicate us into relationship submission,

in modern times.

8/7/2016 9:00:01 AMprostitute flix We all know that DH 

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Quote from ctr916v2:
If Only,

we could find nice girls who are willing to fornicate us into relationship submission,

in modern times.

What's up Jeter?